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Author Topic: Who is the best Patellofemoral part knee replacement Surgeon in the UK Please???  (Read 2741 times)

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Hello Folkes I am needing this surgery and would appreciate any info of anyone familiar with the surgery. I am willing to pay to go anywhere to get this surgery if it gives me a better chance of success but finding it hard to get a specialist in this particular surgery.
I would love if you had time to tell me how you are now and how the rehab went. What surgeon did yours and dose he do  a lot of these operations and if so where. Lastly there are many different types of these knees avon, arthrax, inlay, onlay do you know what you had, were you advised what are the pros and cons of dufferent types??
Sorry to bombard you with questions but in pain and this is my only hope, I need to work another 10 years to be financially sufficient, so it s a major concern ATM. I know this is a bit random but as you know its a rare surgery and trying to find info is not thee easiest of tasks. Hoping your in a pain free active lifestyle now!!