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Author Topic: Heavy pain 9 month post MPFL reconstruction  (Read 1782 times)

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Heavy pain 9 month post MPFL reconstruction
« on: August 19, 2016, 07:56:44 PM »
Hello all,

Hoping you can help!

Early last November I had an MPFL Reconstruction. This was following an initial patella dislocation that occured 4 years ago, and then 2 more followed along with bouts of serious pain. I had the surgery after intense physiotherapy didn't solve the problem (I also have a very shallow trochlear groove).

All seemed to be going well post op and my surgeon signed off on everything as of March this year. I was working out, doing some light jogging and then all of a sudden about 2 months ago - my knee started hurting alot..particularly on the inner side. I am no longer allowed to run and have been told to focus on building up the vastus medialis. I had an MRI which show swelling on the lateral facet and around the inner area along with a decrease in cartilage - a big difference from my pre - op MRI. My doctor has prescribed me physiotherapy and insoles...but my physiotherapist is not sure that physio along can solve the problem ... he isn't sure if the knee is in the right place!!!

I have made an appointment to see the surgeon next week but I wanted to ask your thoughts on here... I visited this forum religiously before my operation and after but never posted.

Looking forward to reading your thoughts !!

Hannah aka Britabroad1989