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Author Topic: Meniscus surgery before or after vacation? help me decide please!  (Read 494 times)

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I tore my meniscus about 10 months ago and piece was stuck in the joint and very painful. I believe its a bucket handle tear?  Since then, the pain has subsided, and I have close to full range of motion...though I can't completely straighten my knee.  My knee really isn't painful at all, BUT it is bit annoying and uncomfortable in that its a bit stiff (like I definitely know something isn't quite right with me knee) especially after I try doing some exercise (maybe it swells a little causing stiffness). I don't feel I can really exercise - i don't feel stable pushing myself to run or pushing myself on the elliptical, etc (easy exercise is ok with a little discomfort afterwards)

We have a larger extended family trip to Disney coming up end of September which has been in the works for almost 2 years and costing $$.  I know there will be a lot of walking and chasing after and keeping up with all the little kids, etc.  I'm honestly not sure I will be comfortable with 5 days of walking with the way my knee is was thinking of having surgery to remove part of the meniscus...but not sure if I will really be worse or better off.  It will be about 7.5 weeks recovery time if i do it now and before the trip. Dr thinks I will actually be more comfortable if I have the surgery...but I just don't know given I'm not in any pain now...just more annoying than anything. 

Would you take the leap and do it before vacation? or wait until after?  Thanks!

(I'm 40, average weight pretty good shape  (recently had a baby so still need to lose some more baby weight - of course inability to push myself working out makes that hard so catch-22),- no other health issues, but did have ACL reconstruction on this same knee 20+ years ago. ACL still looks good on the MRI)
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