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Author Topic: Anterior Lateral Knee Soreness - Meniscus? Headed for Tear? How to Avoid?  (Read 441 times)

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I only jog a bit, one or two miles a day jogging. I'm 26. I'd really like to run more, but new this year I've started to get some soreness/pain on the lateral anterior border of the knee joint line, more on inferior (tibial) side of the joint. Googling anatomy pictures, it seems like it hurts about at the anterior tip of the tibial surface of the lateral meniscus, or maybe 1cm superior and lateral to the tibial tuberosity. Stretching hasn't helped.

I'd really appreciate any information you could provide. I'm trying to avoid injury.

Couple other symptoms I think might be related:

Foot slides in my shoe)
When I run or even walk in my running shoes, even when I lace up really tight, I feel like my foot is sliding/slipping off the medial side of my shoe, like translating downwards diagonally (inferiorly and medially) without rotating at the ankle. It doesn't feel like I'm over-pronating when doing this, just like my foot is sliding inside off the support of the bottom part of the shoe, almost like the medial border of my shoe isn't providing enough support. I'm guessing this sort of motion might evert my ankle, which would then put the squeeze on my lateral knee where the pain is. Is this related to my knee pain? Is this what over-pronation is? Is there a particular stretch or exercise that helps with this? My understanding is that shoes can help but muscular weakness might contribute also? I still seem to get this pain when I run with my older pair of shoes, which are a different thinner sole style.

Locking/slipping knee)
Sometimes when I get up in the morning, I can feel the spot where it gets sore if I ran the day before, and my knee feels loose/out of place for the first few steps each morning, like the joint was out of place or something. No soreness during the day if I don't run. My knee feels very stable otherwise, no locking/clicking/slipping except for the first couple steps of the day. I tried the meniscal test where you stand and twist here ("Thessaly test" ) but it doesn't feel like my knee is unstable during this.

I'm guessing I never tore my meniscus, but is this pain from strain on the meniscus/wearing it out? Are there other likely causes?

Me - I'm a total novice runner. Average weight, no history of orthopedic injuries. Used to lift weights, probably didn't always use perfect form on the squats (right knee may have buckled in a bit from time to time), but never had any knee pain or other injuries of any kind whatsoever.

Thank you very much for your help,


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Only way to know is from MRI.