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Author Topic: Exercises during Patella Fracture Recovery  (Read 564 times)

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Exercises during Patella Fracture Recovery
« on: July 14, 2016, 05:08:33 PM »
This is my first post but I have to say that reading posts on this website has been very helpful to me. It's nice to see that I'm not alone and that my emotions are completely normal.

I fractured my patella at my 40th birthday party on June 11, 2016 falling in my driveway and landing on it. The paramedics thought it was dislocated because it was caved in but the ER doc knew it was a fracture right away. It was in 2 pieces but 5 cm apart so I had surgery on June 15th and came home from the hospital on June 17th. I had a postop on June 27th and he gave me 30 more days to wait because there was still a big gap. Now I go back July 25th and am absolutely praying I get the green light to bend and start therapy. In the meantime I'm in the immobilizer with zero bend but full weight bearing.

I'm noticing I feel a bit weaker when getting up. I wanted to see if anyone had any type of exercises they did to keep some strength without using the knee and being able to bend. I'm a bit overweight and sitting around 24/7 isn't helping me at all! Plus I quit smoking prior to surgery due to a fear of blood clots so between sitting on the couch, not smoking and being a stress/emotional eater anyway, I don't want my PT to go poorly because the rest of me is weak as well.

Any advice is appreciated!!

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Re: Exercises during Patella Fracture Recovery
« Reply #1 on: August 01, 2016, 01:52:28 AM »
Finally! Someone like me!!! I am new here,

I also broke my patella. Different story. One month after my 40th I fell while playing soccer. It happened May 1st, 2016. Didn't require surgery. I was completely immobilized for 8 weeks with no bend or pressure. Finally got the brace off hoping I could just walk and go. Wrong! I couldn't bend my knee at all! Or could i walk. I have no insurance so a friend of a friend offered 3 pt sessions for free. It is now August 1st and I'm still down! My bend is much better. Bends enough to walk. But, I'm still using crutches. At home I practice with one crutch. I'm still exercising every hour! I'm getting frustrated! I want to walk again. At this point, the bend can come later, just want to walk!

Any advice for me? We can share tips!

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Re: Exercises during Patella Fracture Recovery
« Reply #2 on: August 03, 2016, 05:38:43 PM »
20 Feb: Comminuted patella fracture, 4 K-wires, Cercalge, Figure of 8
11 Mar: Staples removed Flex 50
22 Apr: Control Xray, flex 80, progress stalled
09 May: MUA: flex 120, 3 weeks CPM
23 Jun: Slow Running, Flex 135
06 Jul: Flex 140
08 Aug: Hardware removed
10 Sep: full flexion