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Author Topic: Hamstring regrowth anybody?  (Read 1076 times)

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Hamstring regrowth anybody?
« on: July 14, 2016, 07:21:44 AM »

Good day, everybody!

I had my ACL reconstruction surgery using ST+G tendons 6 years ago. As of right now G tendon has completely regrown and attached to Pes Anserinus by itself, while ST is still dangling inside my thigh (when I contract my ST muscle I can visually see the muscle belly gathering next to by buttock).

So, the question is: can harvested Semitendinosus be attached back to Pes Anserinus surgically?
I'm having a revision surgery soon and I was wondering if I should ask my doctor to try attaching it back to original spot.

If you have any thoughts about it, they would be greatly appreciated!
Thank you!