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Author Topic: Meniscus transplantation and possibly Chondrotissue Grafting  (Read 578 times)

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hello all.

I am a 37 year old male with a totally menisectomy. i have since the age of 18 had 3 operations to remove torn cartilage. the most recent in November 2015.  I have patchy cartilage damage on the lateral femoral condyle, My surgeon is advising i have a Meniscus transplantation and possibly Chondrotissue Grafting (he is not sure this is needed and can not for sure until he see inside). Has anyone had any good / bad experiences with these operations that they can share. Such as recovery time (how long of work was needed), did the procedures work / help. I understand this will not give me a new knee but i have been with crutches for 7 months, my knee is constantly swollen and painful making day to day difficult so i need to do something.

thank you for reading and have a good day!.