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Author Topic: microfractures in knee cap (not surgical), chondromalacia patella, fat pads  (Read 546 times)

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I injured my knee at work, twisting it while falling. I have had x-rays and a MRI that showed swelling, microfractures in knee cap (not surgical), chondromalacia patella, and inflamed fat pads. I do have an Orthopedic appointment in 3 weeks. I am in a full leg stabilizer which sucks and is very painful since having my knee fully extended is about the most painful position for it to be in. My foot is constantly going numb, cold, and either white or turns blue throughout the day. Mornings are the hardest for me, getting out of bed is excruciating.

I am taking hydrocodone (5/325) about 8 pills a day and still in a lot of pain. I was sure my MRI was going to show way more damage than it did with how much pain I am in. The injury happened 5/3/16 and has not gotten better at all. I am actually going in to the ER in a few minutes as I am out of pain meds and having a horrible morning. I was just hoping some one could give me some pointers on the foot issue and maybe some one else went through this and could tell me what to expect. I ice and use heat on foot, only heat on knee as using ice on my knee causes the most pain I have ever felt in my life as I can feel my tendons snapping like they are a guitar string, and I will never ice it again because it happens every time.