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Author Topic: Split from 'Out of surgery with Broyles' - request to PSNY  (Read 2178 times)

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HEY PSNY I am going to Poland in June and I have bad cartilage in my left knee. I just did a synvisc 1 injection in mexico and it really did not help me. I was researching and seen your posts I cant send you a private message for some reason but i was looking into the collagen injection surgery or what you had I know we have 2 dif problems but how is it working out for you and i am going June 5th will be there the 6th is there any way to get a procedure done fast cause I land in Warsaw but have a wedding on the 10th way down south by zakopane. Is it doable and do you recommend any place I can call ahead to schedule?
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Re: Split from 'Out of surgery with Broyles' - request to PSNY
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I split out your topic, because it is not a good idea to jump into a topic with a totally different question. I will try to help:

1. Here is a list of knee surgeons in Poland -
is that what you were needing?

2. If you want to Private Message PSNY you need 20 posts. Just go to the games room and play some word games and you will soon have them - this is just an anti spambot thing. Then you will find you automatically have PM privileges.