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Author Topic: Ruptured patella tendon right knee - new post  (Read 2175 times)

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Ruptured patella tendon right knee - new post
« on: May 18, 2016, 12:37:44 PM »
Hi guys, I really need help and advice. On Sunday I slipped off a step and ruptured my right patella tendon. Their was instant pain and a gap between the knee and the quadriceps . I went to A and E and they operated on it on Monday morning. I'm not entirely sure what they did. As it was done on the national health service here in England, they kind of rushed through the information saying that they had put sutures in. Does anyone know what that really means? I am at home now in a cricket splint with antibiotics and pain killers. On Friday I am due to have the dressing changed. Can anybody help me about the recovery process. I am a physical education teacher and I need to know when I can get back to work. In addition I am an avid sportsman. Tennis is my main sport.i'm sorry to be so naive about it but the information I received was scant and most of the time I was under morphine!
Any advice would be appreciated

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Re: Ruptured patella tendon right knee - new post
« Reply #1 on: July 01, 2016, 10:13:19 AM »
Hi Pillsy,

I did mine on the 07 March 2016, it was explained to me in quite a detailed way. My understanding is that the sutures are put in place of where your tendon was and as you heal your tendon will regrow around the sutures. Whenever you go in to see your surgeon/physio go in with a pre-prepared list of questions.

I'm about four months since the surgery. London based, 26 when it happened, 27 now. I played a lot of sport (footy 3-4 times a week), go to the gym etc so would describe myself as pretty fit/active. Will try to give you a brief summary of me so far.

First 2 weeks - awful pain, nothing I have experienced before and I've broken this leg when I was 11/12. Very difficult first two weeks. The meds were amazing, trippiest thing I have ever experienced. Leg locked straight in a leg brace. Couldn't sleep in my far too uncomfortable, slept on my sofa with my leg elevated on a reclining chair. Crutches whole, weight bearing as much as I could tolerate. Had my family around to help etc. I had my dressing changed at my GP.

Weeks 2-4 

Family went on holiday was on my own, so had no choice but to build up strength on one crutch otherwise I wouldn't have been able to eat. First appointment with my surgeon (not the most cheerful dude) he asked me to lift my leg straight I couldn't do it. My quadriceps muscle had just turned into meat. My brace was opened up to 30 degrees. I was assigned a physio who gave me gave me some VMO, strengthening, calf raises, balance exercise and heel slides. Whilst I was there struck a conversation with a guy who did his acl and he told me to always have pre-prepared questions and also that a large part of rehab would be overcoming mental hurdles. I did my physio everyday, increasing reps and difficulty a little each day depending on how I felt. I learned very early if I wasn't feeling alright I'd just skip physio for the day or for however long I needed.

Weeks 4-6

I had my next follow up appointment with my surgeon, he asked me to lift my leg straight in extension. Initially I couldn’t do it then we tried it in a couple different positions and finally my quad woke up well some of it did anyway. Brace opened up to 60 degrees. (I haven't got the exercise I was doing at that time/the new ones to hand but I can tell you later if you want). Another physio session, physio was happy with my progress and explained why quad lifts were so hard was because of my upper quad doing all the work.

Week 6-8

Back to the surgeon to take off my brace, my surgeon wasn’t in, so another much friendlier guy was like you don’t need your brace anymore, asked me to sit and bend my knee. I got to 75 degrees at start of week 6. I asked him a whole bunch of ridiculous questions. He told me to keep icing it regularly and expect it to be swollen. He was really cool, he said in around about 6-8 weeks I’d expect you to walk in here for your next appointment. I popped into the plaster room and met a really friendly guy who told me to ditch the brace and get a hinged knee support would be much more fit for purpose. Physio couple days later managed to get to 85 degrees after some massage therapy from my physio.

Week 8-10

I could feel myself getting much stronger, I'd say at the end of week 9/start of 10 I was probably at full range of motion. Generally it would take me a week/ week and a half to start making my physio harder via more reps, slower reps, more sets etc. I popped in for my next physio appointment and physio confirmed I was at full range of motion.

Since then it's just been a general steady progression to bodyweight strength exercises prescribed by my physio, at the moment I'm doing things like bodyweight squats, walking lunges, bodyweight split squats, landing exercises, some balance work, single leg calf raises, single leg glute bridges, core work and some specific single leg movement work. My body is still compensating, I can't do bodyweight squats straight yet my body leans to the right quite noticeably but it is getting better. I cycle/I'm on the rowing machine, no running yet.  I've been discharged from the fracture clinic, now it's on-going physio. My knee does this thing where it kind of resets, if I do something I haven't before or is a shock my knee temporarily loses balance, surgeon told me this is due to a lack of strength. My knee hasn't given way a single time.

I tried to keep it brief and have probably failed I hope this helps. I'm only a couple months of ahead of you in what seems to be a lengthy road to recovery. This is just my experience to date, my understanding is that it's different for everyone.


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Re: Ruptured patella tendon right knee - new post
« Reply #2 on: November 08, 2016, 11:25:17 PM »
How are you now?
I torn my patella tendon 6 weeks ago. Surgery two days later.
I am in my 5 Fifth week post surgery and has about 80 degrees flexion. However it is stiff. So trying to do ROM every 2 hours to help it loosen up.
It is a rough road however I believe things could have been worse. Anyway. It is interesting that each surgeon has his own theory of rehab. Mine does not want me to weight bear until 3 months.  And I have a extra wire put in so I have take it out in 8 weeks  ( he does it for all his patients). Best of luck.  Have you recovered to 80 percent yet??