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Author Topic: Well I got 17 years out of my ACL Revision - What next?  (Read 984 times)

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Well I got 17 years out of my ACL Revision - What next?
« on: May 17, 2016, 04:14:45 PM »
My first post since Feb 2009.

What have I been up to since?. Well got myself super fit for one last game of football to finally get it out of my system, this was in May 2012 and was a charity game raising money for childhood diabetes at the ground of the team I support - QPR.
15 minutes into the game I took a whack to the outside of my right knee with my foot planted, I feared the worst. It transpired that I had torn meniscus & right knee ACLR graft was intact.
That was me done with football.

The above is a little bit of catch up, the reason for this post is my left knee. The arthritis which I was told about in 2007 after the Debridement has gradually been getting worse and worse. I've just been trying to manage it, combined with trying to keep myself fit.
Went out for a run in January this year, nothing untoward happened but ran further than I would do normally. The knee swelled and got really painful but after a couple of weeks it hadn't settled off to get it checked.
The consultant did his lachmans & anterior draw, he didn't seem concerned with ACL problems. Had the MRI which showed tears to the meniscus, and again didn't mention the ACL. What he did see though through X-ray & MRI is that I am fast approaching a TKR, the joint space is neglible and the arthritis has worsened plus it looks riddled with osteophytes.

Anyway I had the keyhole on May 6, when I saw the surgeon post op he confirmed he had trimmed damaged meniscus & that all 3 compartments have grade 4 arthritis.


I have my follow up in a month to discuss next steps.
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01/93 - Meniscectomy Left (Confirm ACL Gone)
07/94 - 1st ACLR Left (Patella)
01/98 - Meniscectomy Left (Confirm Graft Stretch)
05/99 - 2nd ACLR Left - Revision (Hamstring)
02/07 - ACLR Right (Hamstring) & Debridement Left
05/13 - Meniscectomy Right
05/16 - Meniscectomy & Debridement Left (ACL gone!)