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Author Topic: Best surgeon for ACL *revision* in London  (Read 1928 times)

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Re: Best surgeon for ACL *revision* in London
« Reply #15 on: June 15, 2016, 10:59:22 PM »
I am sorry for posting here but if anyone has any opinion i welcome it ... I had ACL SURGERY ALLOGRAFT IN 2013...that went well for 1 year ... however in May 2015 i retore it with meniscus tear (medial) ... i had revision in Nov 2015 ... dr used same femur tunnel but new tibial tunnel ... repaired Meniscus as well ... however, 8 weeks later a screw he placed in old tunnel moved and frayed graft ... I had swelling and pain ... he was very worried about infection, so he went in the knee and drianed swelling, he then had to fix graft as it had frayed a bit ... i was left with a 7mm graft ... he barely used some thermal device and all was well ... This all happened Jan 2016. I am doing fine and don't have any instability issues ... i am working out hard and am able to run, and am working hard on getting muscle back ... i was left with some minimal play in the knee after that revision in January. I basically am 6 months post op (8 months really) but Dr said we are now 6 months because of the fix. I feel great but I was left with a punch in the gut knowing that i had slight play. I have read so many posts that i am really going nuts ... Some people i read have had this fail, some have had this work, Zengirl had her work and still played sports but knew she would one day tear it and when that happened she would have it repaired, my tunnels are actually perfect...the reason of my first failure was that i AM LOCO SOCCER ... i played it with a passion and was really good...i basically went back to my old ways of playing and neglected the rehab on the first ACL 14 months later i start having issues ... DR SAID I SHOULD HAVE CARED BETTER FOR MY FIRST GRAFT ... I am now in this dillemma ... i feel like going to a new doctor and having them just redo this entire thing ... just plug the tunnels and then 3 months later place a new graft ... I wanna play soccer again one day ... My Dr that did the revision and fix up said that my ACL will get tighter ... it contracts and it all falls in place ... my muscles have to be developed again and that will also play a major part in my stability down the road when i start playing sports ... IS THIS TRUE? my PT says the same ... regardless of the fixed up graft, which was done in the early stages of my revision rather then the later stage ... My PT says it will be fine ... i just need to built muscles and let leg heal ... let the ACL scar and let meniscus scar up ... I just wanna DO SO MUCH AND FEAR THAT I WILL PUT ALL MY EFFORTS IN MY LEG AND IN 6 MONTHS when i start playing soccer KAPUTT! my knee will tear. PLEASE HELP? Like i said i have no pain, or give away, leg has little play but i can walk and run, i can not pivot yet ... DR wants me to hold off on CUTS AND PIVOTS until Jan 2017 when we do the year evaluation. any opinions are welcomed.

thanks you