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Author Topic: Patella Baja, surgery on 5/18 (Noyes in Cinci). Local docs say "no"  (Read 528 times)

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I have surgery scheduled with Frank Noyes in Cincinnatti on 5/18.  That's next week.

Z-plasty on patellar tendon. 

Scarred and only HALF AS HIGH as it should be. 

Saw Local orthopedists (just to sign off), they say "no".  Don't do it.  Won't do any good.  Their recommendation? I'm paraphrasing, but the message is "you're screwed".  No ideas or options.  They don't think the Z-plasty will make any difference.

Noyes gives me 50% of getting to 90 degrees.  10-15% chance of infection (lose knee).  20% getting worse.

REALLY, REALLY, appreciate input.  My wife will drive me from FL to OH to get surgery, do rehab up there.

My details below.

Pain is very bad.
Flex is about 40 degrees, I can move myself to about 20 degrees when seated. 

Can be straightened by someone else. Extension about 10 degrees, but I manage to walk, since it hangs low and I can swing between "straight" and my limit.

Any kind of activity (besides sitting in recliner or leg out on bed) increases pain.

Pain management.  Lots of meds, getting less effective over time.  (4x10/325 hydrocodone, 20mg Hysingla [pure hydrocodone ER], Gabapentin, nsaid topicals, been starting oral nsaids again which I'm not supposed to do).

* 1969 broke knee, septicemia.  Hospital for 3 months.
* 2009 Total knee.  Smith & Nephew Genesis II.  Zirconium
* 2011 Knee revision (was supposed to be re-alignment).  (90 degrees)
* 2011 Sedated manipulation (110+ degrees)
* 2015 spinal stim for knee pain.

Increasingly poor flex and more pain since 2014.