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Author Topic: ACL Tear and maybe more? ..  (Read 576 times)

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ACL Tear and maybe more? ..
« on: May 01, 2016, 06:53:36 PM »
Heres a little info on me.. 35 yrs old, mom of three boys, I Live a very active lifestyle.. Over the past 3-4 yrs I have worked my butt off to lose 87 lbs with diet and exercise.

I Have had 3 surgeries on my left knee. the first one was in 1999 and was a lateral release. The second surgery was just a scope to clean up Arthritis, the third which was in 2014 I had a MPFL Conconstruction done w a allograft. My knee cap was dislocating daily and has caused severe damage under the knee cap and to the groove.. I have daily discomfort, but i'm managing.. Some days are better then others.

At the gym I modify certain things, Squats, Lunges and some leg exercises due to my left knee hurting and being weaker then the right knee.. I was simply trying out a new training program w a friend who is a trainer and she knows about my left knee issues.. I modified everything.. I was doing great, Left knee felt good, no pain and was able to do the modified exercises w no problems at all.. I stepped back w my RIGHT Leg to do a simple lunge and BAM! my right knee Twisted or something and all I heard was this horrible crack (sounded like 100 people cracking their knuckles at the same time) and down i went.. I couldn't walk on it at all and i was scared to look at it.. This is my GOOD LEG MIND YOU!

They got me to the hosp, where they did a xray (which was useless), put me in a immobilizer and crutches.. I called my ortho the next day and was seen that morning (one day after the injury). My ortho had a hard time examining it due to severe swelling and pain.. He did drain the knee which ended up being a huge syringe of Blood YUCK AND OUCH!!! So I had an mri on friday so i'm waiting for the results. He's thinking a ACL tear maybe more.. It was feeling icky but better since he drained it and then on friday it's back to being twice as big as before and super sore, Instable, and I was told to try and bend it which i am, but can only get so far due to stiffness and pain.. I'm hoping the results are in tomororw *monday* and they will maybe drain it again for me..

Anyone have any suggestions? Or thinking this is my acl or something else.. Never thouhgt my left knee would be considered my good knee... I'm so disappointed but wondering if this would have happened anyways due to putting more pressure on this Knee *Right* because of the weakness of my left..