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Author Topic: ACL Post-Op Hamstring Pain, Week 5  (Read 497 times)

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ACL Post-Op Hamstring Pain, Week 5
« on: May 01, 2016, 05:47:20 AM »
Dear Kneeguru/guys,

I have completed my ACL reconstruction with a hamstring graft on my right knee, and now I am onto week 5.

I understand that the norm for the general population is that you should achieve full extension by week 2, however, I am not even close. I am facing a sharp pain on my lateral hamstring tendon and also at the belly of the hamstring, this is faced when I'm trying to do a full extension and also flexion of the knee. With this problem, it is preventing me from progressing in my rehabilitation and my walking gait. Right now, I am walking with a bent knee.

My physiotherapist has done all sorts of treatment from ultrasound, deep tissue massage, TENS, stretches etc and apparently it hasn't gotten any better, but rather on the decline...

I am worried that this may attribute to arthrofibrosis, and the last thing is I want to go for another operation to remove the scar tissue.

On a side note, when sleeping, in the middle of the night, I will get a mild aching-dull pain, any reason why is it happening?

I sincerely look forward to your advice and solutions, should you guys need more information, kindly let me know and I will do my best to provide the necessary information.

Thank you.