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Author Topic: Continuing sport with a ruptured ACL  (Read 1253 times)

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Continuing sport with a ruptured ACL
« on: April 20, 2016, 04:07:55 AM »
Hi I'm 21, I play rugby league and about a month ago I hurt my knee playing footy, I continued to play for about 10 minutes after it happened and was fine after the game. I decided to get an mri because I hurt it pretty badly last year in around July. There was a lot of pain when I first injured it, a lot more pain then there is now but I didn't miss any games due to the injury and just decided to play through it. The mri report said there was an acute rupture of the ACL, which was a shock to me because there's no instability and I've been running, jumping, hopping, doing contact sessions, everything without giving way, locking or any pain really. My knee does feel stiff often though and there seems to be a slight bit of swelling often but I can still function like normal. Of course I've heard of dejuan Blair and other people who have managed to play without them but I want to know if anybody else here has experience with something like this and any advice as to what I should do In this situation