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Author Topic: Chondromalacia... What are the steps?  (Read 631 times)

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Chondromalacia... What are the steps?
« on: April 20, 2016, 07:22:21 AM »
Hi, I have this knee issue for about four years now. It started after a bike ride which I was pushing a bit too much. The thing is I didn't notice any pain during the ride. I can't recall very well but the pain had started in the night or the next day. As my knees got better after a rest period I kept riding and same thing was happening over and over again after each and every ride. I kept riding like this for two years.Finally I stopped doing big rides, like 50+ kms. Last year I stopped riding totally but my knees were still suffering. I walked a lot during this time to get strength on the weak muscles. I think riding too much and doing an office job, sitting most of the time during the day caused some muscles imbalance and I thought that walking would strengthen my weak butt muscles and balance out the things. At some stage I was having inflammation for days and weeks. For the last few months I was doing better, I was having some issues only after long walks but they don't last more than one day.

Well before last week I did a bike ride which was only 10 km and a bit hilly. You can say it was only a 5 km ride because the half of the ride was mostly downhill, no need to push. Again, I felt no pain during or after the ride and I didn't have much pain during the week as well. Last sunday I thought I can give it another go. I was happy because I thought my knees were healing. Did the same route, same speed, effort, bike etc. No pain during the ride and in the evening. Even in the morning I woke up okay but after a 1,5 km walk to the work... I was still okay but slowly an inflammation around my knees has begun and after some time I felt edema accumulated around my knee joint. That happens time to time when I walk a bit too long, like 3-4 km. So, my knees are not okay even with walking. I also have some bone pain medially to my kneecap and laterally, top corner when I touch my kneecap it was hurting all around. So I guess my kneecap cartilage is pretty damaged. It should be chondromalacia as all the 10+ doctors suggested I have seen during the years. I should also note that I have some osteoarthritic pains, like bug bites in the medial side between femur and tibia. That is another aspect of the story. Some doctors said I have a beginner level for OA but for sure I have senior degree on kneecap cartilage damage. Well all the MRI's and x-ray's haven't been useful as you can't see the back side of the patella. Now I am considering an arthroscopic view on my knee. Not an operation. I wonder if there are some bits and particles of loose cartilage in the joint. It would be good to get rid of them. I want to ask you what is your view on shaving cartilage. Anyway, I want to see how bad my cartilage is damaged. Maybe I have some defects on the femoral cartilage as well? Some doctors told me you can ride your bike after checking MRI's but maybe they will say don't even look at your bike after they see the damage with arthroscopy. I would like to know if somebody recovered from his condition after an arthroscopic surgery and if I am missing some steps here.
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