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Author Topic: Seven Months Post Microfracture  (Read 660 times)

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Seven Months Post Microfracture
« on: April 18, 2016, 09:05:51 PM »
I am now a little over seven months post op from a biocartilage, cartilage restoration of the lateral femoral condyle. I am in desperate need of help because I am feeling severe, sharp pain in my knee. I have had two knee surgeries on my right knee. One due to an ACL tear and meniscus surgery. But, in Sep 2015, I had my meniscus repaired along with my microfracture procedure. I decided to go with a biocartilage procedure which uses allograft cartilage in order to repair my knee. They take allograft cartilage and place it in my lesion which is used as a putty in order to rebuild my cartilage. The cartilage is hard when it comes out of surgery.

I  was on crutches for eight weeks after surgery and then used the CPM machine for that whole time. When I was off crutches, I endured a three month long cycle of rehab until the new year started and it became too expensive to continue going. By that time, I was four months post op and decided to continue a light jogging program in order to build muscle. At around five months, I started playing soccer again, once a week in order to let me muscles slowly build back into playing soccer. This might have been too early, but I was experiencing no pain while I was playing soccer and after.

At around six months, I decided that my knee was feeling good enough to play again so now I play around 3 times a week for 45 minutes. At seven months, a little after, I am experiencing sharp pain when my knee is in the air and moving in certain ways. Maybe I should not be moving my knee in that way. But, I am wondering if I am moving at too fast a pace and really hurting my knee and sabotaging my procedure. I followed (for the most part) all rehab protocols besides incorporating swimming. Please help me determine where my pain is coming from.

It hurts where my scar is, as well as around my IT band. The pain does not occur when my knee is cutting, only when it is suspended in the air and while I toss and turn in bed. What is going on with my knee?