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Author Topic: Meniscal Repair Fail  (Read 502 times)

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Meniscal Repair Fail
« on: April 10, 2016, 03:10:09 PM »
Ok so I am calling for help desperately here. I have a complete radial tear in my Lateral Meniscus were it is split in two pieces right in the middle. I under went meniscal repair surgery and the stitches popped once in the OR and they went back in and redid them, 40 minutes later I am getting in the car to come home and I feel a pop in my knee. MRI reveals the sutures tore again and my meniscus was back in two pieces. The surgeon wants to try a third time and use very advance methods of stitching and Anchoring the sutures in the bone. I am beginning to think this tear cant be fixed and I should consider a subtotal menisectomy and maybe try to get a meniscal transplant later on in life to attempt to avoid or delay the arthritis associated with menisectomies. Not sure how viable that option is but just a thought. So my questions to every one here is has any one had a similar sitiation? And from what I understand my tear is not very common has any one here had one? What is life like after a menisectomy? right now that may be my only option and i want to continue skiing for a long time aswell as play lacrosse and football two more years. Is a third attempt to repair really worth it?