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Author Topic: Posterior Lower Knee Injury  (Read 576 times)

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Posterior Lower Knee Injury
« on: April 08, 2016, 12:48:29 AM »
Hi guys,

Just to add some context to this first, I'm a football match official. Whilst involved in a game yesterday, we were doing shuttles (various exercises from the touchline to the edge of the box). In this case, we were doing heel to bum flicks. I reached the edge of the box, turned and began to run back. Just after turning I heard and felt a fleshy click on the lower end of the back of my knee. I'm reluctant to say 'pop' as that's the flashword that makes people say torn ACL and my instant reaction was it was a click.

I immediately stopped running and thoughts moved towards pulling off the game. I was limping a fair bit. I got to the changing room and sat down and decided, more out of stubborness, that I was going to give the game a crack. I managed to complete 67 minutes off the game barely noticing my knee, game was then called off due to a serious injury to a player.

Then today, I completed a full 90 minute match with my knee strapped up. I was able to full on sprint although my knee felt a bit restrictive (probably due to the strapping). I covered 7.7km during the game which emphasises my point that when I'm active, it hurts less. However after been stationary, and after sleep, it swells up a little bit and feels stiff. The strapping does help a lot. I can bare weight on it fine, when the swelling is up I sometimes have an issue straightening it, the pain is when I bend my leg heel towards bum. For 80% of the motion it's fine but that last 20% my knee hurts.

Now my question comes here. Is there anything to worry about? I've heard people say ACL/PCL injuries are the type where you will fall under the pain and then I've read people say that they can sneak up on you, I've read of people who didn't attend a medical professional until days after the incident, after walking fine.

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Re: Posterior Lower Knee Injury
« Reply #1 on: April 08, 2016, 10:23:53 PM »
i'm sorry that i can't really help.But 2 months ago i had an accident where i ruptured my acl & a bad tear in mcl & also 2 fractures to top of tibia & femur. I was shocked that i'd done so much damage as i had no pain at all,just swelling & stuffness!
So don't bank on no injury as no pain.
I wish you well  :)
2 fractures. ruptured acl & torn mcl