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Author Topic: recent flare up - how serious?  (Read 589 times)

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recent flare up - how serious?
« on: April 13, 2016, 03:50:53 PM »
Hi folks,

Trying to determine the severity of a recent injury that has come up.

I have a history of kneecap dislocations (3 over about a decade) and have recently been trying to do some strengthening exercises with it going fairly well (last dislocation was 2 years ago).

Almost a year ago exactly I had an incident where I simply woke up with a lot of inflammation and tightness in my knee. No one I saw could ever really diagnose me, someone's best guess was bursitits. It took a couple months to work itself out, I had an MRI this last September that was clean. Worth noting that some inflammation remained (kind of coming and going) and I never regained full extension. I cannot think of anything that could have triggered something of this severity -- if I think hard, I can recall taking a sock off the night before in a way that felt awkward, but certainly not something you would think should have caused that kind of reaction in my knee.

Flash forward to the last couple months, I am starting to do some exercises and use a stationary bike and feeling pretty decent. Then, this past Sunday (now approximately 72 hours ago) I literally took a nap and woke up with soreness in my hamstring on both sides (top/bottom) of the knee joint. It gradually got worse and the knee itself became significantly inflamed and the hamstrings extremely, painfully tight (though just tight, not an acute type of pain).

I cannot think of any incident that could have caused this. I recall waking up from my nap feeling like I had been sleeping a little bit twisted (on my back) but again, nothing at all to suggest anything of this severity.

I have very limited range of motion and still a decent amount of swelling (it has come down a bit with use of NSAIDs).

I saw a sports specialist who seemed quite competent yesterday and she was unable to produce a firm diagnosis. She speculated that maybe I had tweaked the kneecap itself in my sleep, as all the swelling is right in the knee joint and the areas that are really sore (hammies) are not swollen.

My concern is that she couldn't rule out something more serious like an ACL issue -- apparently I was showing negative for everything diagnostic she was doing, but the knee was too swollen and the muscles around it too spasmed for that to be conclusive.

Her advice was to work on some strengthening and straightening and to see her in a week or so. I've done her whole series of exercises she gave me and it feels tighter now.

Sure if it were something serious I would remember an incident that triggered it??

I can bear weight though walking is very uncomfortable due to the limited range of motion. The kneecap itself feels secure in place, not loose and easily flopped from side to side as it has been in the immediate aftermath of a severe dislocation.

It seems to me that the tightness is getting worse day by day -- that can be normal? Surely it'll peak soon and start receding?

What do you guys think?

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Re: recent flare up - how serious?
« Reply #1 on: April 14, 2016, 02:20:23 AM »
Hi everyone - saw a chiropractor who knows me well today and she strongly suspects a meniscus issue.

Makes sense to me - as noted above I did not have full extension prior to this so perhaps there was something lingering that flared up.

The plan is to see an OS but in the meantime my knee is still massive with limited range of motion (I think today's treatment somewhat helped that).

Any ideas what a path to somewhat normalcy might look like until I can see an OS?