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Author Topic: MCL & ACL torn skiing  (Read 772 times)

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MCL & ACL torn skiing
« on: March 30, 2016, 04:08:15 PM »
I torn my MCL and ACL skiing 17 days ago. I heard the pop and then I couldn't ski after that. The knee wasn't too swollen or painful when I got to the first aid. They put me ice and I stayed there for a while and I went home. On the next day I went to hospital, and in the emergency room they did Xray and examined my knee. They did the valgus test and they said I torn the MCL, I could feel and I still feel pain on the inner side of the knee. It's getting better now, it doesn't really hurt. They also said possible ACL injury too. They told me to go and see a specialist.
I saw the doctor 6 days ago, that was 10 days after the injury. He examined the knee and told me I torn the MCL, grade 3. And he is pretty sure the ACL too, he didn't do the lachman test because he said the knee was a bit swollen and stiff from the injury. So he would do on the 11th of april.
So now I have to wait for 2 more weeks to find out what I have... I've been reading about the symptoms of the ACL tear and I've talked to several people who have had this injury and it's hard to tell. Also if it's partial or complete tear. I know I have to wait to see what the doctor says, but I'm too impatient.
The first 4 days I couldn't walk, I was going on crutches. Then I started walking with a knee brace, really slow. After a week from the injury I can walk pretty good. The only problem is that I can't fully extend my knee, so I'm kinda limping. I feel the knee is swollen and stiff, I'm working on stretching it as the doctor told me. He said it's not too swollen. Sometimes when I'm walking or standing it gets more swollen. The first 4-5 it was more painful, I had to very careful, even moving the leg when sleeping. I had to take the whole leg to move it, or if I lift it in the air. Or if I step, I felt it wasn't holding. After 5-7 days, it's better, I can move it ok if when sleeping, doesn't really matter how I sleep. If I'm walking it feels more stable. I'm careful, go straight, I try not to do any sharp movements.
I felt a couple of times sharp pain on the inner side if I had twisted it too much, I think that's the MCL. In the last couple of days I started feeling some tenderness at the back of the back. Tonight when I was getting into bed, I don't know what I did, I think I stretched it like too much and I felt like a sharp pain, inside the knee. Feels like the ACL. I was talking to a friend that had a partial ACL tear and he told me every time you feel that is the ligament stretching and it's not good for the recovery. I was also told, if you don't feel pain at all, it's completely torn. I have the MCL also torn, so it's hard to tell, because I think that one is painful.
I haven't taken any painkillers at all since the injury, just anti-inflammatory pills the first days.
I wanted to ask for advice, suggestions, during these 2 weeks I have to wait to see the doctor again.

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Re: MCL & ACL torn skiing
« Reply #1 on: April 11, 2016, 04:11:33 PM »
Hi there!

I was in your exact position back in Feb. I tore my ACL and MCL skiing. I was fine after a couple weeks feeling like I was back to normal except with small pains especially when stretching or twisting etc. I can confidently say that my MCL hurt a lot more than the ACL after I tore it. I would agree by saying when you tear your ACL it doesn't hurt much other than when you try to pivot or twist using that bad leg. I was in pre-hab for 5 weeks and had my ACL repaired this past Wednesday.

I would say just take it easy on your knee, especially if it is a partial tear until you get your x-ray. If you can avoid the surgery that would be awesome! I can't give much advice other than that seeing that I tore mine and now am crutching around haha!

I wish you luck and hope that it is not an ACL tear! Just relax until you know, it doesn't make it easier when you worry.