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Author Topic: Varus and Rotational deformity  (Read 721 times)

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Varus and Rotational deformity
« on: March 14, 2016, 02:19:25 AM »
I had Dr. Sanders recommend a high tibial osteotomy for a small degree of tibial varus and rotational deformity. Every other doctor says this is a bad idea, even the one doctor Dr. Sanders said would be the only one to confirm his diagnosis/recommendation.

The problem is, I have no idea what to do, and no idea how to find out what to do. I asked Dr. Sanders if I should go through with surgery, and he didn't have a good answer. He didn't answer my questions regarding how the diagnosis causes my symptoms.

What do I do? I've driven 3 hours each way to see doctors in NYC several times. I've flown to Houston to see Dr. Sanders, and driven 10 hours each way to see Dr. Teitge, and I am literally no better off than before, and I have no more knowledge as to how to address anything. What do I do?

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Re: Varus and Rotational deformity
« Reply #1 on: March 29, 2016, 01:40:58 AM »
I'm sorry to hear about your trouble! I understand the struggle of deciding what to do, and the frustration of not getting answers. Thankfully Dr. Teitge was able to help me significantly because I had an incredible amount of rotation in my femurs. Unfortunately even after the derotation my left hip caused me significant pain. So after 4 years, Dr. T ended up doing another rotational osteotomy, and that time he actually re-rotated my left femur about 15 degrees thinking maybe he made it too close to normal the first time. We were really hoping that helped, and it did some, but the pain persists. SO, i've come to accept that it is what it is, but only after we rotate the bone twice! I definitely don't know your situation or want to tell you what to do, but weigh your options and think about what all the doctors told you. I'm convinced there is no "good" or right answer for legs! Especially twisted ones! Now i'm dealing with peroneal tendon subluxation and what to do about that, the struggle never ends!

Hope you find some answers,
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