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Author Topic: I'm Baaack! :/ Peroneal Tendon Groove Deepening? Anyone had this?  (Read 418 times)

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Hi All! It's been quite some time since i've been on the board, my untwisted legs are still keeping me going, slowly but surely! I thought I was done with surgery since Dr. T ended up re-rotating my Left Femur about 15 degrees, and even then the pain in my hip persists. I figure it is what it is.... but I didn't see this coming!

It's not really a knee problem, per se, but I think it has to do with my miserable malalignment... apparently my peroneal tendons in my ankles are subluxing because the groove where they sit is too shallow. So the OS recommended surgery to deepen the groove and fix the strap that holds the tendons in. Has anyone had this done? I'm not finding a ton of info on it, and am wondering what recovery will entail.

Hope all is well with everyone!
Your fellow twistee,
5/15/08      R femoral derotational osteotomy
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4/2014 15 deg. Re-rotation of L Femur
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