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Author Topic: Need some advice....1 week after ACL/PCL Reconstruction Arthroscopy  (Read 1087 times)

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Hey, just need some advice to get through this torture of recovery after having my acl and pcl reconstructed arthroscopic ally with cadaver implants. Right now it's day 9 and I can somewhat weight bare, I have a lot of bruising in my calf and my thigh and my calf is extremely tight. I just started physical therapy. When I do walk I walk with my leg brace fully extended and sometimes still with crutches depending on how long I'll be out for. The advice I'm looking for is are there any other exercises outta here I could be doing right now at this point in my recovery to strengthen my knee and leg and possibly quicken the healing process. I struggle from depression, anxiety, adhd, and bipolar disorder so the pain levels are extremely hard on me and my mental status. I currently have my sister helping as much as she can because she's actually all I really have. I'm not used to having to depend on people to care for me so this whole process along with physical
Pain is hard on me and my sister. So please if there is any advice out there someone has for me, please pass it on!! Thank you in advance.