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Author Topic: AMZ fulkerson surgery 4 weeks ago - questions on scar tissue in knee  (Read 1331 times)

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I am a 17 year old girl who had Fulkerson Osteotomy (AMZ Fulkerson) and MPFL reconstruction surgery on my left  knee exactly 4 weeks ago today. I had the surgery done over christmas break so I wouldn't miss school and although I had a rough first week, I have been healing well and what seems to be quickly.

My swelling has gone down quite a bit but obviously there is still a good amount of swelling. My physical therapist tried to explain to me that the swelling is a result of all the scar tissue, and how the scar tissue is what is restricting my ROM. At 4 weeks i currently am using the CMP machine and bending it about 50-55 degrees

I know that the scar tissue is a part of the healing process and that it's not bad, but for some reason I am immensely confused about what this scar tissue in my knee even is???
For the past 3 and a half hours (while i should have been studying for my exams this week) I have been researching scar tissue. I really want to know what scar tissue is and what is going on in my knee. I would like  to fully understand it. Here are some of the questions I have:

what is scar tissue?
what does it look like?
what does it actually do?
how come its so hard to get rid of it?
what are some things I can do to bend my knee easier?

can someone maybe give me an analogy- scar tissue does this like some everyday object might do this, just making it more comprehendible and easy to understand?

I know this is a strange thing to be so caught up on, but I'd really appreciate if someone could try to help me understand!

Thanks :-)
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