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Author Topic: Torn medial meniscus posterior third  (Read 475 times)

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Torn medial meniscus posterior third
« on: January 04, 2016, 10:09:02 PM »
Hi, I'm 18 years old and physically fit.

About 3/4 months ago I had an an MRI scan on my left knee which I injured 8 months prior. It found that I had a tear in my "medial meniscus posterior third".

Early on, when I first felt the symptoms, my knee would catch and hurt, however since my MRI scan I have started going to the gym. I have been strengthing my whole body, in particular my legs for which I have been able to squat, leg press, extension etc. Early on in the gym days, I would get a little niggle of pain when squatting but to this day now, I am able to perform my gym exercises well, with heavy weight without pain. I do get slight pain today if I push my knee in towards my glues (fairly hard push).

I'm just asking if it's possible my tear has healed and these occasional "niggles" are scar tissue where the tear has healed?

I'm booked in on the 11th February for a meniscus repair but I am worried that I will go through the long recovery process for no reason: I.e. If it's healed!?

Is it possible that the medial meniscus posterior third year can heal without surgery???

Please help me with your knowledge:


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Re: Torn medial meniscus posterior third
« Reply #1 on: January 04, 2016, 10:14:42 PM »
These may help

And talking to your surgeon as he or she is the expert :)

The niggles could be down to you overdoing it at the gym. Are you working with a Physio or trainer as you are awaiting surgery, the prehab would be safer if supervised :)
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Re: Torn medial meniscus posterior third
« Reply #2 on: January 05, 2016, 04:36:37 PM »

If tear is located in peripheral third (vascularized zone), it may heal on its own.   I don't believe that there are remnants of scar tissue if and when a vascularized tears heals itself.   

Please consider a 2nd and 3rd opinion.   Your high level of activity (with no pain/swelling) does not correlate with someone who has a symptomatic meniscus tear.   At all.    As Vickster mentioned, many tears are simply "normal", in which case, they need to be left alone.     

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