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Author Topic: How many here are new to their knee injury?  (Read 429 times)

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How many here are new to their knee injury?
« on: January 05, 2016, 05:05:09 PM »

I wanted to start a thread to see how many other people are like me and "new" to their weak knees? I am 38 and had my first whoopsie in September. It has been so terrifying. For me, the two lessons I have learned the most is

Patience and more compassion to the physically disabled as well as injured.

- My story is over in a different topic (ruptured mpfl + retinaculum) - I don't mean I was not kind to handicapped people before - just now I am able to see more that offering to help someone that maybe disabled IS kind and to hold doors for the disabled or the not disabled (be kind) - I know there are people that like to think they can do everything and also that some people that may have say been born with an ailment that prevents them from walking - many of us "think" they would probably want to be as independent as possible - However, there's nothing wrong with taking a minute out of the day say if you see someone on crutches, making their ways to a doorway - to stand their holding the door until they actually pass under it - or asking them "can I offer you any help?"

If it was not for this knee board - honestly I'd be still flipping my lid, pitying myself and saying "How did a healthy 38 year old dedicated to personal fitness and running her own company get to putting some weight on - back in those double digit pants - oh my business is now failing, what did I do to deserve this"

I'm sure we have all experienced this self pity and I am not thrilled with my progress - I should say I was not prior to making my first post here where a stranger out of kindness reached out to me and offered guidance and assistance

- Let others help you!

Lesson three for me: don't cry about your skinny jeans that no longer fit - its okay to take time for yourself, eat some, slack off the weights at the gym to heal etc.

That's all I got for inspirational today!

What lessons have you learned through your knee injuries ? - and if you are new to here like me (and a little scared of scalpels etc) please feel free to reach out. My family is tired of hearing about my knee. Life has to go on even though I want so badly to be back where I was last year. But I'm not. So that's life. :)

Have a good day!
9-14-2015 Lateral patellar dislocation with full thickness tear to medial patellar retinaculum & medial patellofemoral ligament. This is my first injury "ever" at 38 years old - Was a healthy fit female now atrophied zombie.
- PT now 5 full weeks
- 4 MONTHS since injury
- 2nd opinion on 1-14-2016