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Author Topic: partial thickness tear of the fibular collateral ligament and biceps femoris  (Read 583 times)

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Does anyone know what is the treatment for partial tears of tendons. I've been given a referral to see an orthopaedic surgeon but I haven't acted on it yet as I've had other health issues to deal with first. I was very fit and active until I woke up one day with very swollen and sore joints (right knee, neck, wrist, thumb, then weird swellings at other places on my legs). It turns out I had reactive arthritis. The right knee took a long time to settle down and for the swelling to go down. eventually an MRI scan showed

1. Partial-thickness tear of the fibular collateral ligament and the biceps suspected.
2. Large suprapatellar joint effusion (I think that was the swelling. It has gone down now.)
3. Grade 2 medial patellar retinaculum sprain (as it's a sprain and it was 2 months ago, I'm assuming that this could have healed by now).

I haven't been very active for the last 6 months. I'm wondering how to get back into my previous activity and fitness. Could a physiotherapist help with the partial tears or do I need to see the orthopaedic surgeon?


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Rest from activity, physiotherapy and perhaps platelet rich plasma (PRP) injections to reduce inflammation and kick start healing. A good sports physiotherapist, find a knee specialist if possible, should be able to advise

Assuming there is a wait time, also make the surgeon appointment in case things don't settle or on,y they can offer injections etc

Good luck :)
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