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Author Topic: Who meesed up ? If anyone !  (Read 454 times)

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Who meesed up ? If anyone !
« on: January 05, 2016, 03:16:45 PM »
I Just joined and would appreciate some feedback. I will summarize for sake of being expeditious in my comment.Had surgery to repair medial meniscus tear on 12-17. Orthopedic Surgeon removed 40%. When he got in there he discovered ACL was gone too ( just a nub and bone fragment ). He did not repair ACL. When I awoke from surgery and was told by my girlfriend I was shocked and pretty upset. Not because it wasn't repaired, but because the MRI showed intact. Back Story: I have had ACL repair on other knee years ago so kind of know a little about knee problems. I was suspicious, but didn't ask, when the doctor didn't lay me down and do all those test on initial consult. My complaint was locking sometimes when sitting indian style and hyperextending ( sloppy joint ) in certain situations if my foot placement wasn't just right. A few days after surgery, still perplexed, I researched what test are typical for examining a problematic knee. I realized he did none of those, except one. He did the McMurray Test while I was seated in a chair ( not lying ) Then ordered the MRI. It is my understanding now, that the Lachman Test, Pivot Shift Test, and Anterior Drawer Test are all pretty effective diagnostic tools for ACL tear and that the MRI is used to confirm that suspicion. I would have chosen to not have the surgery at this time had I known ACL was gone. In fact when MRI came back as intact I was surprised and elated. He said that the meniscal tear was what was causing the locking and instability. So, what do you guys think about this ? Should those test have been done ?
Thank You, Jeff