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Author Topic: Push through the pain?  (Read 2777 times)

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Push through the pain?
« on: December 03, 2015, 01:27:46 AM »
I am nine weeks post operation. They found multiple lesions for a total of 8 mm without cartilage both on the ends of the tibia and femoral lateral condyle. They microfractured all the areas and also repaired a torn meniscus on the medial side.
I started to have very minimal if any pain during my time as nonweightbearing. I did exactly 6 weeks nonweightbearing and then started with only 25% weight after that. For the past few weeks we've been gradually increasing weight slowly. About a week after adding weight, I started having a lot of increased pain. The pain was similar to what I was feeling right after the surgery, I even broke down and asked for another prescription of narcotics because the pain was so bad. The pain and swelling has remained the same and is consistent with working the leg and adding weight, we have minimized our resistance training in therapy and are just focusing on the added weight for now. However, my therapist says that the increased pain with the weight bearing is not abnormal. He says that we just need to push through the pain and continue advancing with the therapy and continue increased weight-bearing.
Does anyone have else have experiences like this? Has anyone else had a lot of pain this far after the operation after being pain free, and were told that it is normal and to continue with weight-bearing? If this is normal then I will push through the pain, because I feel like I can tolerate a lot of it, and continue to try to walk normally. However, I also don't want to further injure the knee or ruin the microfracture by continuously loading if the pain is a warning instead of normal.