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Author Topic: Patella support and ROM control brace that I don't have to sell my first born to  (Read 3521 times)

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A month ago while camping, my dog had a freak out when a vehicle with no lights came up behind us in the dark and ran smack into my knee. My patella was completely behind my leg with the knee hyper-extended. Based on the fact that I had to both relocate the kneecap and twist my tibia into place (2 separate moves) to get back to where other people could help me.

Less than a day later, I rolled over and clipped my kneecap and dislocated it laterally again. I was told to brace at full extension and come back in 6 weeks...however, the brace the Ortho gave me does very little. I can get about 10 steps before the stupid thing is around my ankle. Even when I'm sitting and the brace is where it's supposed to be, the fit is so horrible that it allows aprox. 30 degrees of passive motion. Because the brace won't stay put (I've tried everything and the only thing that kinda worked was literally attaching it to my skin with double sided tape) and my knee is too unstable to hold without bracing, I really need to find something that actually works.

Twisting (even non-weight bearing, like turning over in my sleep), stepping backwards, and putting any downward pressure on my heel with my leg in slight flex (such as when trying to go from sitting to standing or when elevating leg) causes hard, extremely painful popping deep inside the joint. and hours of spasms in my hamstrings and quads. Lateral pressure on the kneecap itself causes discomfort and varying degrees of patella movement that does need to be controlled, but it's not longer particularly painful.

Any suggestions of a brace (or combination of layering a hinged ROM brace and a patella sleeve) that is relatively affordable would be much appreciated.

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  • Neelie knee!
Physiotherapists are the best people to advise on braces and should recommend and measure you up for the best type of brace for your specific injury. Most custom brace manufacturers have different options based on need and price point
Patients on the forum can't really advise for your particular case
Good luck :)
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