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Author Topic: Lateral Condyle MFX four weeks out, weird intense click pain, HELP PLEASE!  (Read 2871 times)

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Hi everybody this is my first post and I will give some background first. I am a 25 year old healthy male & I had MFX on my lateral condyle 4 weeks ago (1.1-1.3cm lesion) on my right knee in a weight bearing location. I had 2 acl reconstructions previous  (2007,2010) with no complications (all same knee). I noticed on day one where the sore spot was, I feel it immediately when my knee is slightly bent and any pressure is applied up or back( like me setting me heal down or putting on a sock) This pain did not scare me because it makes sense so I just avoided it. Now on to what scares me & makes me wonder if I messed something up. Sometime around day 11-12 I went to bed without the brace on with two pillows underneath my knee. I reached back over my left shoulder to check my phone and got a very intense click,rubbing, twinge right in the surgery spot. It sent a jolt through my body and I sat there in panic wondering what the hell just happened. Anyways it throbbed for about 5 min & returned to normal. I woke up the next morning and the swelling had actually gone down slightly & the knee felt more or less the same. Throughout time I realized my knee is vulnerable to hitting that sore spot when it is elevated (very odd). What scares me more is that it sort of happened again yesterday when putting on my brace from a slightly elevated position (Pain, click,jolt of pain, over). I feel like some days I am more prone to hitting that sore spot than others but I don't feel like I'm making much progress anymore (still hurts when I hit it). The swelling in my knee seems to be consistently declining though regardless of these two incidents. I just feel like its week four now and I shouldn't be terrified of a sore spot anymore, after all I am supposed to walk in two weeks and cant even move the knee on its own without fear of the dreaded "CLICK THING"

Somebody please tell me they have experienced something similar. I would very much appreciate the reassurance.

Yours Truely,

-Billy BadKnee