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Author Topic: Non displaced patella avulsion fracture recovery - 9yr old daughter  (Read 974 times)

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My 9 year old daughter had a non displaced patella fracture.  I took her to the doctor and they put her in a straight leg immobilizer for 3 weeks.  We just went back and they said they fracture was healed and talked about giving her exercises to strengthened her knee and gave her a light brace to wear to school for the next week.  They said she could do anything she wants to do but advised going slow for the first few days as her knee is stiff from being in the immobilizer.

I plan to call back tomorrow morning as the doc did not give me the exercises.  At this moment - it has been alittle over 48 hours since she got the brace off and she can bend her knee (no pain) at 90 degrees, she can walk but does so funky unless she is really distracted.  She cannot even try to run (lightly) as she keeps her leg straight if she even tries and basically just hops. 

She is a very active girl and this has been really hard on her mentally. 

Can anyone give me advice or how long before she can normally walk and run again.