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Author Topic: ACL Knee Brace for Sports  (Read 1708 times)

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ACL Knee Brace for Sports
« on: November 04, 2015, 01:19:16 AM »
Not sure if this is the right section to put this in, but I saw the brace section wasn't too active.

Anyway I'm 7 months post op and was issued a Matrix knee brace a few weeks ago. Doctor just cleared my to start shooting around for now (Basketball) and wants me to wear the brace. I tried the brace a few times and it kept coming loose and was moving up and down a lot thus not really providing "support" in my opinion. I tried strapping it up super tight and it definitely gave the support but limited my bending. The next day my knee was in a ton of pain and my PT said it was from the pressure of the knee brace. I have a Bregg knee brace from my surgery in 2005 that I don't remember having any problems with 10 years ago but I tired it out today and it just didn't' feel right. I'm afraid of aggravating my knee again by wearing these braces. My PT actually said I don't need one but I want to go with my doctor's orders.

Do i need to just keep shooting with the brace on and I'll eventually get used to it? Has anyone else experienced this?

Sorry for the long post.


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Re: ACL Knee Brace for Sports
« Reply #1 on: November 04, 2015, 07:25:18 AM »
I use a Townsend Rebel Combined Instabilities (CI) for skiing. My surgeon went with the one that came out on top when I researched different braces. I was given a DonJoy immediately post-op but it was bulky and uncomfortable and constantly slipped. In the past I've had similar problems with Bledsloe and CTi braces, hence my very detailed research before we went with the Townsend. My surgeon had informed me in advance that I would need one for the first couple of seasons post op so I used my rehab time to do as much research as possible. My need was due to having had the LCL reconstructed as well, not just because of the ACL revision.

Your physio is also correct in terms of whether you need a brace or not, building up the muscles around the knee and general fitness to ensure that the muscle groups are balanced is also important. I only wear my brace now when I am skiing the rest of the time I work on fitness and strength without a brace.
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Re: ACL Knee Brace for Sports
« Reply #2 on: March 02, 2016, 11:00:40 PM »
i had ACLR with hammy graft about 2 years. i really thought i would need a brace to return to sport. I mostly play soccer. My doc was the type that beleived braces wont do anything to prevent re-injury so he talked me out of it and im glad i never got one. The strength and stability will come back, just be and listen to you body, especially swelling. i was 28 at age of my injury and now at 30 i can honestly say i feel 100%. Back to playing competive rec league soccer on 3 teams, knee is holding up great! (knock on wood) ;) best of luck