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Author Topic: Plica Removal  (Read 1063 times)

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Plica Removal
« on: February 18, 2004, 11:09:43 AM »
                    It has been six months since i had an
                    po on a plica problem in my left knee.
                     I am six months down the road and the
                    problem is worse than before the po.
                    Days after the op i had to visit the
                    A & E at my local hospital as i was
                    in so much pain.  I was able to walk
                    but with a lot of throbbing pain.  At
                    night it was unbearable.  I was told
                    that it was an infection and the blood
                    in the joint and then that it was neither
                    of those and was refered back to the
                    consultant who done the op.  This, by
                    then, was two weeks after the op.  He
                    then put me into a leg brace for two
                    weeks and the pain and swelling settled
                    down.  I then had three week of physiotherapy
                    and things weren't too bad.  After the
                    legs got their strength back i assumed
                    my activitys of cycling and very light
                    weight training.  
                    However,  after a period of about 3
                    weeks of resuming my training my knee
                    flares up again and have been really
                    sore and aching worse than ever.  I
                    really wish i had never had the op in
                    the first place.
                    I am concerned that some damage could
                    have been done in the two weeks after
                    the op as i was given very little advise
                    and was back driving to work in pain
                    after only one week after the op.
                    I recently went bacc to another consultant,
                    not the one who performed the op and
                    was told that i have to take some very
                    strong tablets (Voltrol 75mg) and these
                    have made me ill.  I don't want to have
                    to take medication so was offered a
                    cortisone injection which i believe
                    is only short term and can do more damage
                    than good. All i want as a 39 year old
                    is to resume my light training and cycling
                    pain and swelling free.
                    Can anybody out there give me some usefull
                    advise as i don't seem to be able to
                    get any sense out of four consultants
                    that i have seen?
                    Many Thanks,

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Re: Plica Removal
« Reply #1 on: February 18, 2004, 01:35:20 PM »
Hi Stuart, welcome to the board... First let me just say, I hear ya man!   >:(HOw very frustrating indeed to have surgery you hope is going to help you and then it turns out to create even more problems.
First let me say that I hope that you are using lot's of ice. Before and after you exercise and of course when the knee is puffed up and being rather annoying. Ice is a very good way to control inflammation.
What did the consultant say was the problem, the reason he gave you the drugs?  ??? Cortisone injections can be quite helpful when used in the right situation. I had cortisone shots in my elbows, as my tendonitis was brutal while I was rehabbing on crutches for a month after my last surgery. IT really helped have yet to have another problem. Sometimes chronic inflammation just needs that one good blast. But I understand your concerns. :-/
There may be other underlying problems in your knee, as some other's who come here have discovered. There may have been another problem that caused the plica to be inflammed in the first place.  :P Ugh..I know.
All I can say is don't give up, take it one step at a time... I know it's frustrating...i've been there...I am there. :-[
Have you tried any anti inflammatory drugs? Ibuprophe, Vioxx, Celebrex, Bextra? They might help to..Bextra is my personal favorite it's not excellent but it does work some, compared to the other's for me anyhow. ;)
Maybe you started in just a little too early, seems you were lacking some information possibly.  I went back to work 10 weeks after my LR surgery and really flared up the knee, even though it was feeling great before I went. I then had to take 4 months off in the fall to recover. ::)
Hang in there, hope this helped...
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Re: Plica Removal
« Reply #2 on: February 18, 2004, 06:23:52 PM »
Hi Lynd,

Well thanks for your advise ans sympathy.  I am really looking to get the knee back to normal as soon as possible but as you know it takes time.  It has been 6 months since my surgery and it is worse than ever.

One of the problems i have found is that the consultants give you no informatoin or advise at all.  You are in, and then out without really being told what the hell is going on.

I can't really take any medication at all as they all seem to make me feel really sick.  I have another appointment in six weeks and i am considering a cortisone injection but would rather get the inflamation down and back to normal activities without having it.

I do know that i didn't rest it as i should have after the op but i was given so little advice that i was unsure what to do.  

The whole point of having surgery in the first place is to get back to normal and that is what i was expecting.  I didn't know what they would find as my op was just an exploration of the knee but when i came round they told me that i had my Plica removed.  It then took hours on the net trying to find out what the Plica was and did.

I will use the ice and be armed with several questions next time i see the consultant.

Take care,