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Author Topic: Question about MPFL Reconstruction Recovery  (Read 477 times)

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Question about MPFL Reconstruction Recovery
« on: September 14, 2015, 06:20:01 PM »
My 17 year old daughter had an MPFL reconstruction surgery 11 days ago.  I am wondering what the typical recovery is for this surgery.  It was a last minute decision by the doctor so we didnít go in to it without any information.  Here is a little history:
In January of 2014 she dislocated her knee cap at color guard practice.  (Later, we learned that it had dislocated at least three times before when she was younger, but she thought that was normal) When it came back her knee was very bent and it broke a large piece of cartilage off of her femur.  She had an OATS procedure to repair that using her own transplanted plug.  They also did a lateral release and small meniscus repair at that time.  She was 12 weeks non weight bearing, non-moving.  When she started physical therapy at the 12 week mark her knee was totally locked in place.  She endured 50 physical therapy visits mostly focused on ROM.  She did the strengthening exercises at home.  She never felt she fully recovered and her knee started locking by Dec of that year.  Her doc did another scope and found that the cartilage around the plug had grown excessively.  He shaved those of and told her she should feel much better.  She still experienced weakness, pain and her knee buckling.  In July of this year, we took her to a childrenís hospital.  He requested another MRI and requested that she document each time her knee buckled and if she felt it slipping then buckle or pain then buckle.  She documented one day and had 80 incidents.  She could not decide if it was slipping or not.   He could not find anything on the MRI so he decided to do an exploratory surgery.  We were hopeful that there was a piece of cartilage from the first injury still causing problems.  Just before surgery he manipulated her knee and mentioned again that the knee cap may be slipping and that he would like to look at that also and if so he wanted to reconstruct it.  Sure enough when she was out and not resisting he said her knee cap was all over the place.  He did the reconstruction and cleaned out more cartilage that had grown around the OATS location. 
What she thought would be a few days of discomfort after a minor scope, turned to what we are hearing as at least 4 weeks on crutches.  She has been in more pain this time than with either of her other surgeries.  She is now 11 days out and I feel she is doing worse than the day of surgery.  She seems really weak, it swells a lot and she is in a lot of pain. 
Does anyone have experience with this surgery?  What is the recovery?  She goes to the doctor tomorrow and he will decide then when she will start physical therapy. 
Here is the big question. (It may seem like not a big deal on this site but it is a big deal for a 17 year old) She has been asked to a formal dance on the 26th of this month.  Is there any way she may be off crutches in two weeks? 4 weeks from surgery?  If so will she still be in a lot of pain?  I am wondering if she should tell her date that she cannot go.
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