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Author Topic: ACL injury-Regenexx vs Surgery what to choose  (Read 1851 times)

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ACL injury-Regenexx vs Surgery what to choose
« on: August 16, 2015, 10:06:19 PM »
Hi i am new here and want to know what my best choice will be.
I have no problems when walking or fitness training or running in straight line,but when changing directions trying to play soccer i can fall to the ground becouse of my knee.So 1 year ago i probably partially tore my acl and have a posterior horn of the medial meniscus 3a grade tear.I received my injury while playing soccer,and 1 year now i tried only 2 times to play and it didn't work.I bought a brace donjoy fullforce and it might be possible to play with it,but still i want to heal my acl and play without anything is it possible with regenexx or any other way.I visited the best orthopedic doctors in my country and they wanted to make me a surgery,but i dont feel like it.I made an MRI lately and the Doctor that read the MRI told me that my acl is damaged ,but definitely not for surgery,and with Physiotherapy 3-6 months it will be like new.Is it possible.Hope somebody helps

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Re: ACL injury-Regenexx vs Surgery what to choose
« Reply #1 on: September 27, 2015, 03:27:47 PM »
Hi Mitkop,

I have a partial or not so partial [most probable] tear of the ACL which will not heal as the ACL is surrounded by synovial fluid and cannot apparently form a clot.  A partial tear will progress in time to a not so partial tear of the ACL and stability of the joint will be lost and the cruciates medically speaking will be NON FUNCTIONAL meaning the joint cannot be used without further damage occuring. 

This would occur in an episode of giving way where you sustain an injury for seemingly no reason.  All of this leads to a suspected ligament problem where it is most probable that there is a deficiency within the ligaments.

I've had bone marrow prolotherapy for one knee but had it in the other whilst I was at it as ACL and or PCL have problems.  My conclusion is regenerative injections will not heal my torn / or stretched ligaments -

ACL in a way blends into the anterior horn [front] part of the meniscus so any medial / lateral anterior meniscus injury / tear may impact on the ACL tibial insertion - A real world example is if you jar your leg where the front part of tibia is affected and anyone could injure the ACL / meniscus at the same time.

SVF [ADSC] [adiopose] [fat] is way better than bone marrow- I know as I've had it and it is great for bone / cartilage - PERIOD - but not meniscus or ligaments unless the damage is very small [opinion]

If there was surgical correction performed - then adipose SVF PRP afterwards - then this would really help the overall joint -

My credentials are 5 x bone marrow prolotherapy + 2 X PRP very similar-

1 x SVF / PRP & 2 X PRP - Send me a PM ;D