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Author Topic: ** Yrs. Post ACL Patella Tendon Pain****  (Read 1378 times)

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** Yrs. Post ACL Patella Tendon Pain****
« on: February 17, 2004, 06:27:41 PM »

Almost 4 years post-ACL surgery, I am still having pain in my Patella Tendon.  In the past, I've excelled through PT, have very strong quad muscles and have done everything as recommended during post op scar tissue formation, (massage, ultrasound).

I have alot of pain when kneeling on that knee as well as when squatting on this one leg. When kneeling, it feels like there is some sort of additional bump that is painful.  I can pinpoint the exact spot of pain, just beneath my kneecap - an elongated sort of lumpy tissue - "tibial tuberosity?" Tibial Tuberosity - bumpy tissue abount an inch below kneecap, where the patella tendon connects to the tibia.

Nothing appears on the MRI, yet there seems to be a darkened spot on the Xray around the Patella Tendon harvest area, just below the kneecap - "tibial tuberosity?" I was told by my chiro that it seems to be some sort of "calcification," around the scar tissue.

My research has resulted in the following possibilities:
"jumpers knee," CMP/Patella Pain Syndrome, Patella Luxation, Patellar Tendonitis, Osgood Schlatters Disease, Patellofemoral Arthritis, Enthesitis of Patella Tendon, Patella Femoral Syndrome and Tibial Tuberosity. I am trying to narrow the culprit of my pain.

Basically all of the doctors I've been to say that the ACL reconstruction tests excellent, and that the pain is something that I have to live with since there is no visual indication of an abnormality other than my description of it.

My chiro speaks of Orthtripsy - ultrasound/shockwave treatment used to blast kidney stones. It's based on the principle that high-energy pressure waves may reduce inflammation and stimulate healing by increasing oxygen and blood supply to injured or diseased bone and tissue.  Unfortunately, the FDA has only approved it for chronic plantar fascitis (heel pain), but I believe it might be available in Canada or Indiana for Patella Tendonitis.

I am hoping that someone, somewhere can offer some additional insight as to the causes of my particular pain and if they know of any solutions?


Edison, NJ