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Author Topic: knee creaking/ crunching 18 months post ACL reconstruction please help  (Read 1582 times)

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Hi all not sure if I am posting in the right section but I am hoping you be able to provide guidance and reassurance, first of all I do apologise for the long post.

I have had 2 ACL reconstructions the first had failed (patella graft) and second has been successful (hamstring graft)  for over two years now, but I have been experiencing problems for the last 7 months maybe longer. My knee has started creaking/ crunching when going up stairs and when I extend my leg in midair. Originally I didn’t get any pain but I have started to experience to what I can describe as a constant dull ache that develops into a cramp sort of pain within my knee. I also can not have my leg in a certain position for long periods straight or bent as it becomes to painful. I have been to my doctor’s several times now but I don’t seems to be getting anywhere with them, the response I get “the creaking is normal”. … ??? How can this be when I never had it before and now getting this constant ache. Which only seems to go away when I take naproxen?

Is the crunching/ creaking anything to worry about? Is it normal? If not what should i do?? I thought i add It does go away after I do my squats exercises so I don’t know if its muscle related? I do have muscle wasted which I am trying to build but proving difficult. Any ideas, any help would be great thanks in advance
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I'm not sure which country you are in (I'm guessing UK from the terms used) but can you pay to see a sports physio? You'll get much further than with a GP, they arent specialists in musculoskeletal issues and certainly not in orthopaedic rehab.

Alternatively, ask to be referred back to the surgeon who did the reconstruction. In fact that possibly should be the first course of action, a dull ache could be anything. But it's common with arthritic changes in the joint for example. So you'd want to get an MRI to confirm what is going on. If the knee isn't giving way or feeling unstable it's probably not the ACL from what I understand, but it could be a meniscus issue or any number of other things. You don't want to be. Taking naproxen long term if you can treat it without medication, it's not good for your tummy (if you are taking it, make sure you take with food and if longer term ask the doctor to prescribe a PPI medication to protect your tummy).

Unfortunately, an operated knee, especially a twice operated knee will likely never be as it was before the injury and surgery, but if there is pain with unusual feelings and noises, you should get checked. It might be as simple as needing a full physio assessment and targeted exercise programme. I'd hold off on squats or any load bearing and impact exercise until you know what might be going on.

Good luck :)
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Came off bike onto concrete 9/9/09 (lat meniscus, lat condyle defect)
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After my ACL reconstruction I also had crunching and grinding and clanking. My doctor told me it was normal. He also gave me the knee test and and MRI and said it was intact. FINALLY did a scope on my knee and found out my ACL was completely torn.

It's not normal.