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Author Topic: Newbie - TKR Scheduled, having second thoughts  (Read 771 times)

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Newbie - TKR Scheduled, having second thoughts
« on: June 10, 2015, 06:51:20 PM »
Yea, getting a little nervous.  I've been reading alot these days.  53 yr old male, 6'2" and overweight but wear it good for my size.  I'm scheduled for TKR on the right knee next month, then the left knee 3-4 months later. 

Left knee was scoped/miniscus tear repaired repaired 14 years ago, doc then said it was pretty torn up and had alot of cleaning out to do, on crutches 3 weeks.  Down the road had steriod/cortison shot didn't do any good whatsoever. Did the Hylan injections once a week for 5 weeks every 6 months for about 2 1/2 years, really didn't get much relief from them.  Pain over the last couple years has gotten steadily worse, could be unbearable to walk.  Kept a crutch next to my bed to help stand up on occasions.  When I would stand, I'd have to wait before I could walk.  I was beginning to  drag my right leg because of the pain.  Could not walk through the grocery store, had to get an electric cart. Gained more weight because I couldn't even walk my dog around the block. Stretching my legs at night in bed produced a sharp pain.

Last appointment the doc walked in, reviewed my records and asked what I wanted to do from there.  I said give me your opinion (knowing at 53 they don't want to do TKR).  He went and looked at my XRAYS and said it's time, severe degeneration with bone on bone really bad.  I was a little shocked but knew it was eventually coming.  He gave me 2 cortisone shots and scheduled visit with surgeon (he also mentioned how bow legged I walked).

I met the surgeon a couple weeks later, he walked in and said I have reviewed your XRAYS and records, I wish we could do something more for you but your knees are really bad and its time for surgery. I saw the XRAYS, they weren't pretty.

It's been about 6 weeks now.  I took off work because of the pain and difficulty sitting, standing and moving.  It was also starting to affect my hip from over compensating and causing some lower back pain.  Well, the cortisone shots took a week or so to kick in but have provided some relief now, I'm able to get up and down most of the time without pain and around the house I don't feel too terrible.  I've gotten on a stationary bike and feel okay. 

This it all makes me start to second guess the need at this point, it is really time? Is there something more I can do? More exercises, less weight? 

Then reality sets in...I read the post here where people say cortisone only lasts short periods and you can only have so many per year.  I walk to the mailbox down a slight incline and feel the pain coming back up.  I worked with a personal trainer to get some leg exercises to help strengthen the muscles in advance of surgery, but one machine he put me on burned the knees bad and I had to sit for the pain to wear off.  When I do stand for long periods it hurts to move at first.  Occassionally feel the knee wanting to collapse on me.  I think that work would shorten the effectiveness of the cortisone shots, would it? If I was to cancel, I'd have to start the process over and wait months again before the surgery and possibly be in worse pain. Knees look like I have two big knots on them.

Thanks for listening, I know I babbled a lot at the end but this is a big move and I'm getting nervous and needed to just get it out of me (mu girlfriend has heard enough lol). Just hope I exhausted all means. Cortisone is just masking the inevitable for the time, right?  Anyone else experience the same feelings?  After all, the XRAY's don't lie and the doc wouldn't do it if they didn't show him how bad they were, right?  And I know what a heavy workload he has as it is these days.