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Author Topic: Recovery after ACL and Meniscus transplant  (Read 604 times)

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Recovery after ACL and Meniscus transplant
« on: June 01, 2015, 08:44:38 AM »


I went through ACL transplant and medial and lateral meniscus transplant on my left knee. It is already 96 hrs, I can't really put any pressure on my left foot. I am afraid of walking even with crutches as all I am doing is putting whole body weight on the right leg and crutches. However on CPM I can bend my left knee upto 48 degrees. Is it normal after 4 days? Many people say they can walk on the first day itself, but I can't put minimum load on my operated foot.However pain has gone down significantly. In last 12 hrs, I didn't take a pain killer, but I wonder when will I feel comfortable to start walking. I can't even pull the leg up without help or even move side wise. Is it normal or I should check with doctor?  Is it an after effect of nerve block they did before surgery?

Can you share your experience. I knew it will be tough, but 4 days without being able to put weight is unexpected.



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Re: Recovery after ACL and Meniscus transplant
« Reply #1 on: June 04, 2015, 08:27:22 AM »

Don't worry you will be fine soon.
It took me two weeks to walk without crutches and then within another 4 weeks I was able to walk with no problem at all.
Just do your rehab to gain back your motion of the knee and it will be back soon.

I was running 3 months post-op.