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Author Topic: Knee Active Synovitis  (Read 1168 times)

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Knee Active Synovitis
« on: August 20, 2019, 07:23:17 PM »

I am males, 44 yrs old, active and healthy. I started having mild pain when walking immediately after arriving Maldives for scuba dive trip. I have not rested and in 5 days the knee had swollen 2.5 normal size due to swelling. Pain was 8 out of 10 with trouble sleeping and had to use crutches because I could not put any pressure on knee. Knee was also not bending. I had to cancel my trip and return on wheelchair to my country to get medical treatment. My doctor did aspiration of knee immediately, MRI, blood tests to check on possible immune/rheumatoid illness. All results were negative, MRI / XRI should no problems except large effusion. My blood tests and my synovial fluid sample was checked without any problems (no crystals or bacteria in synovial). My blood tests was all negative for RA. Only high inflammatory indicators which subsided.

I took ibprufen for 4 weeks then switched to Reparil anti-inflammatory pills. I started physical therapy immediately and it helped me off crutches after 3 weeks. My doctors diagnosed me with active synovitis (acute) without knowing the reasons. I am in my 6th week of condition and improving alot but still having issues with swelling and stiff knee with issues walking sometimes specially after stopping my medication a few days ago.

I wonder if anyone had similar “undiagnosed” synovitis and if there is any advice on avoiding recurrence of this debilitating condition. Could it be gout in knee? Or pseudo gout (I have had gout and uric acid in my toe but it is very different pain)