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Author Topic: Calf tiring and cramping while walking, 16 weeks post ACL replacement  (Read 785 times)

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I've been researching posts on calf pain after ACL surgery but haven't seen anything that describes my problem. I'm hoping someone will have some answers. I had an allograft about 16 weeks ago.  My PT has been productive and normal until about the last 4 weeks.  My calf on the surgery leg tires and cramps quickly while I am walking.  My quads and hamstrings are strong, according to my PT, and he and the surgeon are stumped by the calf problem.  The cramping first started in the lower portion of my calf, near the ankle.  It has migrated to the top inner part of the calf, near the back of the knee.  If I try to walk through the cramp, the top and ball of my foot actually start to go numb.  Any suggestions or recommendations for additional reading would be greatly appreciated.

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I strongly recommend trying dry needling for this.    You will need to look for a PT or Chiropractor who provides this.    Give it at least 2 "tries" before deciding if it helps or not.  Then after, generally,  you may need 3-10 sessions.   


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i Had ACL surgery 8 weeks ago and I've been having the same calf issue for the past 3 weeks. I'm assuming it was just from walking awkward but it still is going on and is hindering my walking stride. Let me know what you find out!