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Author Topic: New member.... My problems!.. and questions?  (Read 937 times)

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New member.... My problems!.. and questions?
« on: February 20, 2004, 03:13:12 PM »
Hello all,

Im a new member to this forum, thought i'd introduce myself and tell you all about the history and future treatment on my right knee and any comments / replies /recommendations appreciated!

About 4 yrs ago I was playing football (soccer) and went in for a tackle with the right leg, that pushed my foot (and lower part of leg)  to the right. It was painfull for a while and I came off the pitch. However, 10/15 mins later I thought I was OK to continue playing and went back out on the pitch. I was running (no-where near the ball or other players) and my knee colapsed with a loud snap! I thought my bone was broken in two! I got taken to hospital and the nurse at A&E said i had pulled a muscle! I went to my GP and was referred to a specialist and waited over a year for treatment on NHS before deciding to go to bupa. Bupa done an arthroscopy and said i had damage to the ACL but it should still be stable and they only cleared the loose bits floating in the knee. Since then my knee has colapsed (with immense pain) 6-8 times and I cannot do any physical activity without the fear of it collapsing again.

Ive been back to bupa recently and had an mri scan. I saw my specialist on tuesday and he said the scan showed damadge to the meniscus (as well as the ACL). He tried to book me in to have another arthroscopy to sort the cartilage out and then re-assess the ACL afterwards. I have said that I want the ACL re-construction done the same time as the cartilage problem as the cartilage won't solve the unstableness of the knee.

I (hopefully) want to be able to play non-competitive football and go skiing again when the operation and recovery period is over. Is this feasible?

Do you guys think im doing the right thing in trying to get the recon done the same time?

Also, how long should I expect to have to take off work (office based job on 1st floor with no lifts).

Many thanks.

can i just say i think its great that a forum like this is running, i have found it very interresting and have learnt loads from it already (just wish i found it earlier!)


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Re: New member.... My problems!.. and questions?
« Reply #1 on: February 20, 2004, 04:51:09 PM »
Sorry to hear about your knee trauma.  Many here can sympathize with what you are facing.  Sounds like this problem has been an on-going issue that needs immediate attention.

If your OS is agreeable with doing the ACL along with the meniscal repair/removal, then by all means- have both done at the same time to avoid having to face two separate recovery periods for two separate surgeries.

Has your OS spoken with you about the possibility of ACL recon via arthroscopy?  If it's an option, then it's one worth seriously considering.

I couldn't begin to tell you what recovery time you might be facing but your OS should be able to give you a realistic idea.  You can also look around this sight at some of the other threads and find some helpful info.

Best of luck!
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