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Author Topic: Recurrent Patellar dislocation. Why me?  (Read 609 times)

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Recurrent Patellar dislocation. Why me?
« on: April 29, 2015, 08:36:39 PM »
I'm 23 years old and have spent the last 10 years living with the constant fear my knee caps are going to spontaneously pop out, yet again. It's extremely painful and causes me to drop my weight and fall heavily, even when just walking down the road.
I've been to the doctor and a physio- both of which told me it'd be something I'd probably grow out of and nothing could be done (apart from assisted squats with a pillow between my knees). Well, it's something I certainly HAVEN'T grown out of. On top of that, with each time, the recovery time gets longer, more painful and it happens more easily.
If anyone has ANY advice on why this might be happening to me and if there's anything, other than assisted squats, I can do I'd be eternally grateful.

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Re: Recurrent Patellar dislocation. Why me?
« Reply #1 on: May 03, 2015, 02:12:46 PM »
A good PT can teach you exercises that will strengthen your leg muscles - the ones that are too weak and causing your knee to dislocate. Or you might benefit from a shoe insert if you are walking unevenly. Look at the bottom of shoes that you wear often. If one side is worn more than the other, a shoe insert might help - that is something that would be prescribed by an orthopedic doctor. As a short term thing, you can wear a brace with a hole cut in the middle for your patella - keeps your knee from dislocating. I went through this many years ago, and yes, it is very painful. Talk to a different PT - my answers are simple and not complete enough.
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