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Author Topic: Two years post op mpfl/meniscectomy joint slip concern.  (Read 545 times)

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Two years post op mpfl/meniscectomy joint slip concern.
« on: April 27, 2015, 07:15:42 AM »
Hey Guys,

i posted on this forum a few years back around the time of my mpfl and partial meniscectomy.
And i am looking for some advice.

Technically the surgery was a success, my kneecap no longer dislocates (Yay!)
But now something else is going on, randomly out of the blue my knee joint shifts, it feels like the my knee joint is grinding over itself and it makes this massive cracking grinding sound. There is pain in the moment but it tends to dissipate really quickly. The only remaining symptoms i am left with tend to be cramps and a really tight feeling pain when my knee it bent. I cant keep it bent for long anymore. The pain seems to be located on the medial side, i had a partial meniscectomy on that side due to a bucket handle tear found during my mpfl.
My physio and dr are under the impression that my acl is still intact which is good.
But what i am wondering is if this issue could of been caused by the meniscectomy.

I also found out i have high set kneecaps and that and the fact that i am  pigeon toed  more than likely lead me to all these issues in the first place. well..

Has anyway faced anything similar?
 Any help would be appreciated.

2005-2013- countless events of patella subluxion/ dislocation, sprain (L knee).
23/4/13- MPFL recon + surprise medial meniscectomy (L knee) and the discovery of a partial acl tear.
11/15 -Grade 3 ACL tear...damn
13/01/2016- ACL reconstruction (patella tendon)
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