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Author Topic: 6 week post patella fracture repair  (Read 1653 times)

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6 week post patella fracture repair
« on: April 24, 2015, 03:42:05 AM »
Hi. I'm a 56 year old fairly active nursing instructor. I slipped on black ice 8 weeks ago and fractured my patella. I had an orif with pins and wires.  When I returned for my 2 week check, the pins had pulled out, so had surgery again.  Only the top 1/2 of the patella was able to be salvaged. Anyway, after  a total of 8 weeks in immobilizer with no weight bearing and a walker i finally was evaluated for physical therapy today .  I was only able to bend it 15 degrees. I'm feeling discouraged, yet determined. My daughter is getting married in 3 months, and I have much to do! PT will be 3 times a week, and I have to continue using the walker and the immobilizer for now.  Any tips? thanks.