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Author Topic: Quadricepsplasty surgical technique for stiff knees / arthrofibrosis  (Read 3816 times)

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To cut things short I fell and broke my left knee patella April 2013.  I have had the usual surgeries and MUA's x 4 due to arthrofibrosis and quite by accident I found a surgical procedure called Quadricepsplasty for such a condition which has been tried and tested and has achieved wonderful results for many people. 

I am 63 years old and am otherwise well considering the chronic pain now with this condition - and all the other implications of painkillers i.e. drowsiness, constipation to the max, pain pain pain. 

Has anyone heard of this procedure as not sure how old the articles I've found are i.e. (Quadricepsplasty The Treatment of stiff knee following trauma - EA Nicoll, CBE MD FRCS, Chesterfield Royal Hospital and Mansfield General Hospital) - Quadricepsplasty - The Judet Technique and Results of Six Cases) to name 2.

I live in Brisbane Australia and have basically been put out to pasture by every Specialist I've been to.  I am quietly excited about these articles but would like to know if others have had any experience with them or know anything about the procedure at all?

I would be so grateful for any responses thanks

Lyn Grant - [email protected]