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Author Topic: Patella Subluxation/VMO & MPFL strengthening and tightening  (Read 959 times)

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Patella Subluxation/VMO & MPFL strengthening and tightening
« on: April 21, 2015, 11:13:57 PM »
Hey new here

I have had a reoccurring problem with my right knee for a few years now, brief history:

First happened stepping over a fence/wall, stood on my right leg, as I stepped over with left leg my knee gave way. Im not sure if I twisted my right leg, but it felt like my shin bone was popping out of my knee. I wedged my foot into a gap in the fence, stretched my leg out and popped what ever it was back into place. Went to emergency and they said knee dislocation, but never mentioned exactly what it was, i.e pattela etc.

Over the years it popped out and back in a few times, mostly when twisting my right leg. It would pop out but id feel it pop back in. The pain was never as bad as the first time it happened but still horrible.

I haven't had a problem with it popping out for quite a few years until late last year. I have been going to the gym a lot for the last couple years, so Im guessing I have been strengthening the muscles around it without really focusing on it.

I also took up a combat martial art last year, and this is when I had the problem came back.

My leg was extend out straight, I was on my back and I think my training partner put some weight on my leg or knee and pushed my knee and I felt it dislocate, immediately I thought it was the knee dislocating like previous times. I iced it and went straight to the doctor who said it was a pattala subluxation and not actually the knee joint popping out and referred me to a kind of specialist who said the same thing and put me onto a physio.

Physio game me exercises such as extensions, squats lunges etc the usual ones you find online, and was told I need to strengthen the VMO and one of the hip muscles connecting to it. I cant remember which one. I was also told my pattella ligament connecting it is still fairly tight, not as tight as my right one but I wouldn't need surgery in order to tighten it back up.

I did a few of the exercises but didn't really continue them, which I should have. I still did a lot of squats, lunges and other leg workouts at the gym but I guess I wasn't really activating or isolating the VMO as much as I should have.

Last week I turned to my stomach with my leg extended as i rolled over or came up on my knee I felt it pop out and back in again. The pain initially was bad but has subsided a lot quicker than previous times, to be honest when it happened last year the pain was similar and subsided just as quick.

Is the pain not so bad as I have been going to  gym a lot and strengthening the area? or cause its happened a few times before, a number of years before bear in mind, that its just getting worn and pain isn't as bad?

I think its down to gym and strengthening, as It hasn't happened for a number of years until last year and it wasn't to painful. But I could be wrong.

I was going to go to the doctor, and physio but I am pretty sure I will get the same treatment and exercises again. if that's the case I can do all this my self.

I have researched loads about isolating and activating the VMO, and today at the gym I tried a few exercises and found some that really get it burning.

My only question is really is there anything I can do to tighten the ligament a bit more, I think its the MPFL?

My physio didn't actually give or say anything specific to the ligament tightening, but that it would just tighten back up.

So from doing the VMO exercises would that also help with the MPFL strengthening and tightening? Or is there anything specific?

Also is there any other VMO exercises any one can recommend to really get it fired up and burning?

And what's the hip muscles connected to I should focus on? or is all of the hip muscles?

Ill reply later with some of the exercise I have been doing to get the VMO burning. Sorry for the ling post, just want to get it all out there